Your trusted companion

Brahim Taghlaoui

Our caravan is led by Brahim. He has accompanied other caravans for years as a camel guide and has thus been able to gather a wealth of experience. For some time now, he has been leading the caravan himself with a sense of responsibility and great joy.

Brahim and his helpers grew up in nomadic families in the desert. They have known life in the Sahara since childhood and are a tangible part of it. Even though they have now settled down on the edge of the desert due to changing living conditions, their hearts still beat to the rhythm of the desert and this is the only place where they really feel at home.

Nomaden sitzen auf einer Düne, vor ihnen steht Brahim und spricht in die Kamera


Brahim and our team of experienced and friendly Berber nomads from the Ait Atta tribe

Hike with nomads

The desert dwellers

The hospitality of the Berbers is legendary and comes from the heart. They invite you to share their nomadic life and the happiness of the simple life. There will be no western comforts on this hike. Open-minded men will accompany you respectfully, warmly and attentively. You can confide in these people. They know exactly what they are doing at every moment and radiate joie de vivre and cheerfulness. They are happy to share their knowledge of the plants and animals of the desert and offer you genuine friendship.

By choosing our tours, you enable the families of our guides to live a dignified life in their ancestral environment. The nomads have lost their livelihoods due to the climatic and social changes of recent decades. As very few of them have been able to attend school, they have no economic opportunities in modern Morocco. In addition, all the men who accompany us have large families, and it is not uncommon for these families to have up to 10 children. In general, the family is the most important thing for the Berbers, so they are always very happy when visitors bring pictures of their own families. Our soft tourism saves these men from having to leave their own culture and tradition for a job in the city.

On this trip you will forget that you are traveling as a tourist and gain unforgettable impressions of the country and its people far away from mass tourism.

Ein niedlicher Nomadenjunge umarmt mit verträumten Blick ein kleines Zicklein


The nomad children love their young kids

unlike us, they love freedom more than security. today we prefer security to everything else….
life is reduced, but obviously makes you happy.
you are guileless and honest, just like shepherds are.
only freedom that is lived is a good thing.

otl aicher

Our guests

Our guests love silence more than loud entertainment, the simple life more than consumption, the original more than the cultivated. We expect our guests to be tolerant and willing to integrate into the community. Perhaps you would also like to take on tasks such as collecting wood or fetching water.

Walking as meditation

If you wish, you can spend many hours in silence for yourself. We mostly walk in silence and give each other the opportunity to stay completely with our own experience. As part of nature, you move with open senses – connected to the nomads, the other guests and the animals, even without language. A field of mutual respect, the pace of which will always be determined by the slowest member of the group.

9 Personen pausieren im Schatten einer Tamariske im Sand und knabbern Nüsse und Obst


We rest in the shade and nibble on nuts and dates

neugieriges Dromedar nähert sich einer Gruppe Frauen, die entspannt beim Essen sitzen


Our animals are also interested in food

Isabel Viramo von Roon

Isabel lives in Berlin and works there as a trauma therapist and meditation teacher, among other things. Ever since she first set foot in Morocco a few years ago, she has been deeply connected to the desert, the Berbers and the Taghlaoui family.

“Every time I travel to the desert, it is a transformative and deeply satisfying experience. There are none of the usual distractions and instead we experience moments of unfamiliar silence and space, allowing completely new aspects of ourselves to emerge.

I like to accompany people on their inner and outer journeys.”

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Isabel von Roon


You can reach me by email at info(at)sahara-karawane(dot)de
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