Spiritual desert trekking Desert magic in Marocco

the desert is a landscape of thought. you don’t just walk between dunes, you also walk around in your own thinking, you make trains of thought.
as you walk, the landscape changes from picture to picture.
the horizon of thought also changes.

the eye is sometimes drawn here, sometimes there, also the thoughts stray around.
they are thrown out as drafts.

otl aicher


walking on top of the dunes – the dromedaries prefer to walk in the valleys

Meditative self-awareness desert hiking – retreat with Isabel

We invite you to accompany us on a very special journey. The Sahara Karawane – a desert trek through the Moroccan Sahara.
Walk to become still: a journey out of diversity and abundance into stillness and into yourself.


Walking in silence – you don’t have to constantly react to other people

The Sahara desert is a place for special experiences of space and silence.
Barrenness has a calming effect on our mind.
As a result, the essential can be seen more clearly.


Silence embodied

With the Sahara Karawane, you can have this special experience in the sheltered setting of a group of like-minded people. Local Berber nomads,
who are at home in the desert, show the way and take care of the dromedaries, the night’s accommodation and the physical well-being.
And the Berlin trauma therapist and Buddhist Isabel Viramo von Roon accompanies you as a spiritual companion and German-and
English-speaking tour guide.

In the evenings bread is made under the fire

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