Vorbereitung für die Wüstenwanderung

To enter Morocco, German nationals require a passport that is valid for at least six months after entry. Tourists can stay in Morocco for up to three months without a visa.

The Moroccan currency is the dirham. Dirham amounts may not be imported or exported. You can easily exchange money at the airport and withdraw money from

also withdraw money from ATMs in Morocco (you should

have your card activated by your bank beforehand).

You can find more travel information on the website of the German Embassy in Rabat.

Please note that shell suitcases are not very suitable for desert travel luggage; soft travel bags or rucksacks are much easier to stow in the camels’ panniers. However, you can leave your suitcase in the hotel in Zagora for the duration of the hike.

Your well-being on the trip also depends on well-chosen equipment. Here is a packing list for orientation.

Wüstentrekking in Marokko buchen

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