The Karawane

3rd day

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, drive by jeep to the meeting point on the edge of the mountains, where our companions, the nomads with their dromedaries, are already waiting for the group. After a picnic, you will climb up into the mountains where you will spend the first night in a tent or under the stars.

Meeting point is the palm tree in front of Jebel Bani

4th and 7th day

We approach the sand dunes via the rocky plateau. On our way, we may come across a nomadic family near a well, who still live here in their goat-hair tents as they always have, and enjoy their hospitality.

Over the next few days, you first hike through gravel and scree desert and see indescribable, vast landscapes. Then you cross new sand dune areas again and again. You will experience days in the dry heat, picturesque sunsets, starry nights and the wonderful light of the early morning.

The dromedaries carry your luggage and provisions, you walk at your own pace. If you like, you can ride if the terrain allows.

In the evenings we sit together around the fire or in the tent and there are also plenty of rest periods during the day.

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